FinFlow POS - Inventory

Management System With POS ,HRM Accounting

FinFlow POS - Inventory

Management System With POS ,HRM Accounting

Welcome to FinFlow POS - Your All-in-One Inventory Management & POS Software

Take care of all your products, sales, purchases, and store-related tasks from an easy-to-use platform, accessible from anywhere, at any time.

One App, All the Features

FinFlow POS is packed with all the features you need to seamlessly run your business:


Create purchase orders and automatically update your daily stocks.

Sale & POS

Manage your daily sales from a beautifully designed POS page with lots of exclusive features.

Stock & Inventory

Manage standard/combo/digital/service products with variants, IMEI, batches, and expiry dates.

Accounts & HRM

Manage accounts, account statements, balance sheets, employees, payroll, attendance, holidays, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I get when I download?

You get FULL SOURCE CODE with all working features.

Do I get updates for free?

Yes, all future updates are FREE for LIFETIME!

Does it work on local server (XAMPP / MAMP)?

Yes, it works on local server. We charge $50/session for anydesk support though.

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